Traveling Seamlessly in Switzerland

Travelers who want to experience Switzerland and everything they have to offer would be wise to buy Swiss Travel Pass for all their transportation needs.

“The best way to travel in Switzerland is by train, bus and boat,” says Isabella Ignacchiti, head of commercial and media communications team at the Swiss Travel System, a Zurich-based marketing company that joined the federal railway 2011. founded. Swiss tourism and five private railway companies.

He added that the country has a very close transport network with frequent and punctual trains: “It is very easy to connect”.

The worry of getting a rental car, knowing where to go, following the international driving directions and finding parking spaces is a problem with public transport.

“And the journey is more fun,” Ignacchiti said.

With the all-in-one Swiss travel pass you can travel unlimited by train, bus and boat. In 90 cities you can use public transport. In addition, you get some extras such as three mountain tours and free access to more than 500 museums across the country.

“It’s very convenient to get a ticket for everything,” Ignacchiti said. “You don’t have to plan because it provides flexibility and comfort.”

For example, travelers staying in Lucerne can get up, look at the weather and decide to take a boat trip on Lake Lucerne when the weather is good or go to a museum. When it rains, she said. With the Swiss Travel Pass you can take a boat to another area of ​​Lucerne. You can also take on board and enjoy a three hour boat ride on the lake.

Guests wishing to explore some of the most popular tourist routes, such as Glacier Express or Bernina Express, can use the Swiss Travel Pass. Reservations required and a small fee.

The pass can also be used for the Grand Tour of Switzerland, which covers a distance of 800 km and contains eight lines that mark the most beautiful scenery in the country.

Ignacchiti specially marked Gotthard Panorama Express, which offers a first-class train and boat combination from Lugano to Lucerne from April to October.

Travelers on board the panoramic car can discover this ancient road full of myths and legends before embarking on a historic steamboat on Lake Lucerne, past sights before coming to the city. from Lucerne

In addition to transport options, the Swiss travel pass also includes access to many American museums, including the famous Matterhorn Museum, dedicated tourism and tourism history in the area of ​​the famous Zermatt Mountain.

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