A good dream is important. So why not invest in eco-friendly bedding? Whether you are looking for bedding or the relaxed feeling of Supima cotton, there are currently many organic products on the market.

For Earth Day, we present some of our favorites and analyze successful brands by integrating green methods into business models. Buying organic bedding is a small company that can greatly help Mother Earth. Your good deed can only lead you to a good night’s sleep.


Boll & Branch, owned by Missy and Scott Tannen, a law spouses, is proud to produce high quality products from ethical and sustainable sources. The company is the largest buyer of certified Fair Trade organic cotton grown on farms harvested with rainwater, such as watering, sunflower seeds, peppermint pesticides and marigolds.

It also offers clothes made from European linen, ethically produced.Bedding to consider: Ball & branch European bedding sets provide a lively feel that suits all seasons.


Gryphon produces its Supima cotton with ecological tactics that minimize the carbon footprint of the brand and reduce water consumption. In addition to looking for recycled materials, Gryphon also chooses partners who value green methods. In addition, the brand’s Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified factories are proof that no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.

Bedding to Consider: Washed linens are made of 100% Supima cotton, soft, breathable and available in five colors.

3.Cotton cloth cover 3 cloth sheets

Parachute textiles are certified by OEKO-TEX, which means that they are exposed to a number of different plastic and chemical tests. While bedding brands soften their fabrics with chemicals and artificial ingredients, Parachute still manages to create environmentally friendly and soft beds.

Bedding to Consider: Irving Parachute Slip is available in calico and satin, both made of 100% Egyptian cotton and available in five colors.              

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