Europe’s largest volcano, eruption several times the world’s largest, at the foot of the residents have the warning “earthwork”

I have been to many European countries, many cities, Italy Sicily is one of my favorite popular tourist destinations. Located in southern Italy, Sicily in the middle of the Mediterranean, it is the largest island in the Mediterranean with a population of 5 million and the most densely populated island. Beautiful and rich Sicily, with its charming island scenery and long history, it is a world-famous tourist resort in Europe.

Sicily is mostly mountainous and hilly, and the only wide valley is the Catania plain on the eastern coast, where the land is fertile and rich in resources. From the map, Sicily is like the Italian football that stretches out to the tip of the Mediterranean. And this football is not simple, it contains unlimited energy. Because Sicily is in the Mediterranean volcanic belt, it is the junction of the Asia-Europe plate and the African plate, and earthquakes and volcanic activities are quite frequent.

Mount Etna, the highest island on the east coast of Sicily, is 3,350 meters above sea level and is the largest and most active volcano in Europe. The name of Mount Etna is derived from the Greek Atine, meaning “I burned.” Like other active volcanoes, its height is constantly increasing, as frequent eruptions cause a large amount of volcanic ash to accumulate, making it highly elevated.

Mount Etna is considered to be one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, and like the Mafia, it is also a “dangerous molecule” on Sicily. Even so, Mount Etna remains the most popular tourist destination in the region, attracting countless “warriors” every day to climb and hike to conquer this “temper” mountain range.

However, don’t worry, Mount Etna is a relatively safe tourist experience, because the local government has set up a number of monitoring stations to monitor the volcanic status, monitoring volcanic activities at all times, and if there are signs of eruption, it will issue an early warning notice and close. Mountaineering tourism project. There are several ways to climb Mount Etna. After a ride to the mountainside, you can climb on foot, ride a bicycle and ride on a scenic car. I chose to hike because I wanted to take pictures.

Compared to walking and riding, I admire these brave cyclists, because riding on a mountain that slopes more than 30 degrees, not only challenges the loose volcanic sand road, but also eats the dust rolled up after a vehicle. Every time I saw them going through the hard times, I looked tired.

Riders climbing Mount Etna are not only conquering Europe’s largest volcano, but also challenging their willpower. Therefore, every time they go to a high marker point, they have to stop and take photos. When you visit the Mount Etna, you will hear dull sounds from time to time. It is the sound of gas. The heat of the volcano is transmitted to the feet of the tourists through the surface, making people feel like stepping on a huge hot pot. Therefore, hiking Mount Etna is definitely a thrilling travel experience.

The circumference of Mount Etna is about 160 kilometers. The main crater is more than 3,300 meters above sea level, with a diameter of more than 500 meters. There are more than 200 small volcanic cones around. Mount Etna is at the confluence of several sets of faults and is a highly active volcano on Earth. According to statistics, it is the oldest volcano in the history of eruption. The earliest eruption can be traced back to the first 1500 years. It has been outbreaked more than 500 times and is known as the volcano with the most eruptions in the world.

The most violent outbreak of Mount Etna was in 1669. The eruption spanned a long period of four months. The rolling lava almost drowned the nearby city of Catania, killing the entire city and taking it away. The life of 20,000 people. In recent years, since 2007, more than 20 eruptions have occurred, resulting in nearly 1 million casualties.

Interestingly, the locals lived next to this “tempered” guy, and they also explored many experiences in predicting volcanic eruptions. In addition to scientific monitoring and warning, the locals said that if one day you see an electronic clock and the computer suddenly becomes faster, you must be alert to the volcanic eruption. This kind of argument, experts can not explain. However, the vision caused by volcanic eruptions does occur frequently. In addition to the faster electronic time, the surrounding electronic devices also have unexplained phenomena such as sudden automatic ignition. Can you explain these phenomena? Welcome to share the message.Also read, top five reasons why should you plan a group travel?

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