Most Beautiful Mountain in Henan is actually hidden in a “mirror of the sky”

Located in the hinterland of Dabie Mountain in Shangcheng County, Xinyang City, Henan Province, it is located in the Lion Peak Tourist Area of ​​Huangbai Mountain. It borders Hubei in the south and Anhui in the east. It is known as the “three provinces of chickens and smells”. There are not only the steep Lion Peak, the chessboard stone of the three provinces, but also the beautiful scenery of the glass path and the high-altitude giant glass viewing platform – “Mirror of the Sky”. It is the core scenic spot of the Dabie Mountains.

The unique geographical location makes the Huangbaishan Lion Peak Tourist Area compatible with the landscape of the north and the south. The forest coverage rate of the scenic area is 90%, there are more than 2,000 species of plants and 371 species of animals. The highest peak of negative oxygen ions in the forest reaches 47.8 per cubic centimeter. Ten thousand, equivalent to 478 times the World Health Organization’s “air fresh” standard, known as “forest oxygen bar”, “natural animal and plant kingdom”.

The glass planks hanging over the cliffs of the Lion Peak are 1.9 meters wide and 64.04 meters long. They are all made of tempered glass with high transparency. The glass can clearly see the cliffs under the feet. It is also the gateway to the “mirror of the sky”. Walking on the glass path, as if it is volley, the clouds are pacing, which is a test of human courage.

The high-altitude giant viewing platform at the top of the “Xianqiu Mountain” under the main peak of the Lion Peak is a 360-degree round glass platform with a diameter of 16.8 meters, a total area of ​​221.67 square meters and a vertical height of more than 200 meters. The opaque glass with high transparency is transparent as a mirror, hence the name “Mirror of the Sky”.

Visitors can enjoy 360-degree views of the magnificent panorama of the Dabie Mountains on the viewing platform. The mountains are rolling and sturdy. Looking up, the majestic Lion Peak is straight to the sky;

One bay in the canyon is one of the large reservoirs of the Huaihe River system and a famous provincial protected wetland in Henan. The reservoir area is rippling, the Thousand Island is competing, and the birds on the island are in groups, resembling the fairyland on earth. It is known as the “Thousand Island Lake in the Central Plains”. In September 2009, the Mall Water Conservancy Scenic Spot was selected as “the most beautiful lake in Henan”.

Walking on the “mirror of the sky”, the human body seems to be floating in the air. At this time, it is known that the legends about the various crawling and supporting walls of the glass plank road are not made out of thin air. Due to the special construction materials of the viewing platform, in order to ensure the safety of tourists and to see the beautiful scenery through the glass, it is forbidden to use hard objects to draw on the platform, and the shoe covers must be put in and out.

The volley walks in the magnificent and beautiful “mirror of the sky” will give you a feeling of flying like a fairyland and wanting to fly. Take a photo here, that is, beautiful, full of mood.

The clouds and sunsets of Huangbai Mountain are also extremely romantic. After a heavy rain, there will be clouds on the mountain, standing on the top of the mountain, and the clouds are smoggy at the foot. If the snow and waves are undulating, the fog is in the fog, the distant peaks are hidden in the clouds, and the Huangbai Mountain is more and more like a heavenly mystery. And holy.

It is located in the Lion Peak tourist area at the intersection of Henan, Hubei and Anhui provinces. It is 45 kilometers away from the city of Macheng in Hubei and only 3 hours away from Wuhan. The scenic spot currently offers boutique travel routes such as self-driving routes, day trips, two-day tours, meditations and photography. Visitors can choose the route to experience the tour according to their hobbies. If you have the chance, you may wish to come here and take a walk.Also read, top five reasons why should you plan a group travel?

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