Stratolaunch, the World’s Biggest Aircraft, Makes Historic 1st Flight

An odd rope flying with a wing rod as long as a football field exploded today (April 13) at Mojave’s California aerospace port. It was the first Stratolaunch planet to be considered the largest aircraft in the world.

Designed by Stratolaunch Systems Corp. To move satellites to a perimeter near the earth, the aircraft moved 2.5 hours in the air over the Mojave desert at altitudes up to 5 180 meters.

The aircraft reached a speed of 304 km / h (189 km / h) and performed several flight control maneuvers, which included “duplicate on roll, detour, override and retreat, as well as the shot.” Robust side, Stratolaunch said. “Today’s aircraft supports our mission to provide a flexible alternative to ground systems,” the company said.

The aircraft will transport satellites almost twice as much as the test (36,000 feet) and then become a kind of mobile starter, launch the satellites and launch. to be.

Stratola lunch then back to the track. According to Allen, who died on October 15, 2018, this system would facilitate the introduction of satellites much faster. This is because rockets should not be fired from the ground. Stratola lunch could take off from different hills and then fly to a good weather.

While the flight crew is sitting on the right body, the aircraft’s flight system contained computer systems. And the payload rests under the associated central wing, which can support up to SEK 500,000. To install this animal on the track and on the ground, the company has 6 747 engines and 28 wheels.

Stratolaun has a wing tip of 118 m and a length of 8 m. Although Stratolaunch is the largest wing plane, Helium Airlander 10 has the title of the longest aircraft currently 92 meters.“We all know that Paul was proud to experience this historic achievement,” said Jody Allen, CEO of Vulcan Inc. and CEO of Paul G. Allen Trust.

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