Tips if Moving Your House All by Yourself

Moving a house in itself is a big challenge and when due to any reasons, you decide to make the move all by yourself then it becomes even more hectic. Moving by yourself is difficult but not impossible of course. You can keep some tips in your mind to make it easier.

Hire the Removals Van Well in Advance:

Make arrangements for a removals van well in advance as you’ll need to arrange to pick up a removals van on the morning of the move. If you will not make this arrangement well in advance, it may be difficult to hire a van exactly when you want it for a reasonable price especially during a busy moving season. Don’t forget to compare the prices of at least 2 to 3 services before hiring the van.

An Early Pick-Up of the Vehicle on the Day of the Move:

Moving day itself is a busy day so avoid wasting your time by standing in the queue. An early morning pick-up of your vehicle is much recommended. Early morning hours are easy hours to load and move.

Pack and Load Your Moving Truck:

Packing a moving truck seems to be a daunting task. Though it looks stressful and tiring, but it will not be a challenge if well planned in advance. You can take help from family members and friends for lifting and loading heavy items into the truck. Keep the following tips in mind while planning your truck load.

  • Arrange for 2 additional people other than lifting and loading, who can help in preparing and organizing the packed items for loading.
  • Disassemble your furniture or other items if required and in advance. Take apart removable legs of tables, bookshelves, entertainment systems and lamps.
  • Wrap all of your furniture pieces in packing paper and bubble wrap to secure them from any damage.
  • Be sure you load the heaviest items first and keep them into the back of the truck. Heaviest items may include washer, fridge, dryer, and beds.
  • Stack the storing boxes as we stack bricks in a wall. This will protect your boxes from falling. Keep heaviest boxes at the bottom and light weight boxes at the top.
  • Longer items should be kept on the sides of the truck which may include your bed shelves.
  • Make sure you load the van dolly at the end so that it is handy while unloading the stuff from the truck.

Drive Your Truck to the Destination:

Drive carefully to your new location. Drive slow and cautiously as moving truck will be fully loaded. Take all the necessary precautions while driving.

Unload Your Belongings:

Try to back the truck up as near as possible to your new house. Take help from your crew of family and friends for directions to hold the truck at the right place and to make sure that there are no obstacles. Hook the ramp and start unloading your stuff.

  • Take a look of the house and plan with your crew where you are going to place the bigger items including television, bed, fridge, dressers, and night-stands etc.
  • Keep the boxes in their respective rooms so that you won’t have to move them again.

At the end, return your moving vehicle and organize your new home. If you aren’t able to hire a truck because of the complication associated, you can always take help from the best moving companies and ensure a simple and successful move.

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