What’s the world’s shortest mystery story?

Some TV shows and movies showcase stories that are unlikely to pass even for a fictitious version of the reality. There are some stories hidden from us in this world that are too horrific to be true. Some of these mysterious stories are appalling, yet intriguing. Surprisingly, sometimes, life tells stories that can never be expected whatsoever. However, you have got to believe it, because it’s true!

1.  The life of Kaspar Hauser

This story is about Kaspar Hauser, who was found wandering in Nuremberg on May 26, 1828. When people asked him questions, he knew little besides his name. Soon after, when people’s curiosity started kicking in, he claimed that he had been in a dark room, kept by the people he never saw- which kind of explained his ‘rude’ nature and his eating preferences.

Over the next few years, things get only weirder since there were three attempts made to kill Hauser. No one saw the attackers, and Hauser was believed to be alone when he was attacked. He was mysteriously killed in 1833.

There were numerous theories regarding his identity and what happened to him. The theories range from the probability of him being a con to he had mental trouble issues caused by childhood abuse.

Another strangest theory suggested that he was one of an illegitimate suitor for the throne, and someone wanted him finished. However, we would never know the reality.

2.   The mystery behind the Man in the Iron Mask

You may have heard the story of the Man in the Iron Mask, written by Alexandre Dumas in the 19th century.

However, the book was fictional, the story behind it, wasn’t! As per The Times Literary Supplement, the man behind the story was every bit the whodunit as his fictitious counterpart.

Man in the Iron Mask

Benigne de Saint-Mars- one of the king’s men, was the head of administering the prisoners. Benign was transferred from prison to prison often, and a mysterious, anonymous prisoner stayed with him.

He wore a mask, reportedly, whenever he was in public. He died at Bastile in 1703; his name was registered as Marchioli. However, no one believes the name to be, and the attempts to uncover the truth exposed 50 new different theories- extending from a 12-year-old, who punched the Dauphin to Charles II’s illegitimate child.

3.  Charley Ross’s unsolved abduction case

Your parents might have told you when you were a child not to accept anything from a stranger. According to the Harvard Library Collections blog, this phrase comes from a true, however, an unsolved story of Charley Ross.

The story goes- a man on a June afternoon of 1874, in a wagon, handing out candies to little children in Germantown region, Philadelphia. Charley went missing on July 1; however, his brother gave out information upon asking about his little brother. He revealed that the abductors gained their trust with candies and offered to take them to a toy store to buy some firecrackers. The boys went along. Eventually, Walter was left on the side to find his way home, on his own, and a hunt for Charley started.

A librarian in 2013, stumbled upon the first ransom notes in America- which was for Charley Ross. The abductors demanded $20,000 for the four-year-old. The next five months, Charley’s family received over 23 ransom notes from the kidnappers and searched more than 600 children who may have been Charley. Though, he never was found.

4. Yogi Prahlad Jani – Human can go Without Food and Water.

Prahlad Jani had claimed that he had not eaten anything nor he had consumed anything, but still, he is alive for almost 70 years.

This is shocking news, but seriously, this is true. In fact, some of the people think that Prahlad Jani is a fraud person who is doing all this just because he wants to get some attention.

5.   The murder mystery of Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford

The Birmingham Mail speaks of an odd pair of stories that date back to 150 years. On May 27, 1817, Mary Ashford was coming from a local dance in the evening and going to her home midnight.

A few hours later, a man found her body in the Pype Hayes Park. Soon, a man was arrested named Abraham Thornton. A 25-year-old man who was seen with her not long prior to her murder. However, he pleaded and was found not guilty, therefore, was acquitted. He left the area to start a new life after his acquittal.

Again, in 1974, a 20-year-old Barbara Forrest was returning home with her boyfriend after celebrating the May Bank Holiday. Her body was also found in the same park, like Mary’s. Her body was found only 500 yards from her home; other facts are oddly similar, as well. Her body discovered on May 27, as well; two of them were celebrating the same holiday. For this, Michael Thornton was the leading suspect, and he was acquitted upon pleading, as well, like Abraham Thornton. Both the cases are still under mystery.

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